Professional Hair Dryer (Grey)

Professional Hair Dryer (Grey)

Made especially for all types of hair with temperature adjustments and the perfect size! Its design is comfortable to store everywhere and keep in every travel bag. 

Hair dryers are an important part of anyone's beauty essentials, and Pretti Citi's Professional Hair Dryer is the go-to for your haircare and hairstyling.


Compact travel hair dryer is equipped with a concentrator nozzle and a magnetic hook. Concentrator nozzle provides focused airflow for precise styling.

This Compacted blow dryer is extremely portable as its weight is only 120g, equivalent to an iPhone. With this hair dryer, you can style your hair anytime and anywhere. The magnetic hook can be hung on the wall to help reduce storage space.


We are sure that the unique and gorgeous design of this hair dryer will make you fall in love with it at first sight. The hairdryer has been designed with a high-power high-speed motor, the Low noise control design allows this unit to not exceed 80 decibels.


To avoid the heat damage! A high frequency measuring sensor, which monitors the scalp and regulates the unit temperature 30times/second. The hairdryer response instantly to ensure the airflow is under a constant temperature and protects your hair from heat damage. The 3 temperature settings on this portable blow dryer is great for styling (Curly, Straight, Thin or Thick hair).


The blow dryer has a windless leaf blower which reduces the damage to your hair caused by direct heat, reduces static, making your hair stylish, shiny and smooth. This hair dryer has achieved the balance between the tiny size and the powerful wind-driven by a V8 motor, allowing the airflow to reach a speed of 20m/s.


Pretti Citi Hair Dryer is compact and lightweight, easy to carry, 7.8*2.1*1.9’’ size, 6.6ft/2m cord, perfect size for home & travel use. 6.6 Feet Long Cord: unlike the common 5 feet power cord length for hairdryers on the market.

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